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Nadja Hansen leads fun interactive engaging tours of the NYC art world. She provides private customized tours of museum exhibitions and permanent collections, galleries, art fairs and auction previews for groups, kids and families, and organizations as well as group tours and a group series. There is a vast range of themed tours to choose from as well. Everything can be entirely customized to you!

Upcoming Group Tours and Series

Group Series:










October through June, once a month

Info TBA shortly

This is a 9 month series visiting different museums and, occasionally, galleries around NYC emphasizing the most exceptional shows of the season with art ranging across different cultures and eras. This is an experiential tour, both engaging and interactive. 

Bespoke Tours: 


Sex and Death @ the Met Tour ( October 25 and November 2) 

6:30pm- 7:45pm The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Open to Public/ $45.00 per person

What are the abiding threads that wind through millenniums of art, whether you’re in Reformation Rome or an ancient Assyrian palace? Sex and death. Let's see the different and surprisingly similar ways that cultures from India to Russia, China to France have dealt with the passion of sex and the inevitability of death. Explore how sex could be seen as bawdy or holy, dangerous or demure and death could be that fearsome reckoning or only the beginning of happiness. Looking at works that range from the flirtatious to the coy, the celebratory to the symbolic, the reflective to the sorrowful—we won’t be able to help re-evaluating these two endlessly questioned aspects of the human condition.




Notorious! @ the Met (October 26 and November 3)

6:30pm - 7:45pm The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Open to Public/ $45.00 per person

From adultery to abandonment, tax evasion to murder – the vices of our times are much what they were a thousand years  ago. From the mythological lovers of ancient Greece to the femme fatales of 20th century Paris, the Met is rife with stories of corruption, intrigue, and boys (and girls) behaving badly! Lets crisscross the museum to find the good, the bad, and the uglythose whose stories never die and whose visages continue to haunt the halls of the Met!




Modern Art 101@ MoMA (October 19) 

1pm-2:15pm  The Museum of Modert Art

Open to Public/ $45.00 per person


From Dada to Abstraction Expressionism, Surrealism to Fauvism this tour explores the "isms" of modern art: what inspired them, how they revolutionized art, how they reflected the eras in which they were birthed, and the fascinating personalities of the artists behind them. Discover how 20th century artists shook the art world,  influenced one another, fought one another, sought to evolve the nascent notions of the founders, and both inspired and repelled 21st century artists. 


Temporary Special Exhibitions For Private Tours: 







Vija Celmins

At The Met Breuer

(September 24, 2019–January 12, 2020)


This retrospective will provide a comprehensive view of Vija Celmins's career through a selection of approximately 120 works—from her earliest paintings made in Los Angeles in the 1960s to objects completed in New York in the last five years.









The Last Knight:The Art, Armor, and Ambition of Maximilian I

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Great for Kids!)

(October 7 2019 - January 5 2020)

This exhibition will feature many works of art on view outside Europe for the first time, including Maximilian's own sumptuous armors that highlight his patronage of the greatest European armorers of his age, as well as related manuscripts, paintings, sculpture, glass, tapestry, and toys, all of which emphasize the emperor's dynastic ambitions and the centrality of chivalry at the imperial court and beyond.









Making Marvels: Science and Splendor at the Courts of Europe

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art

(November 25 2019 - March 1 2020) 

Approximately 170 objects—including clocks, automata, furniture, musical instruments, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, print media, and more—from both The Met collection and over fifty lenders worldwide will be featured. Visitors will discover marvelous innovations that engaged and delighted the senses of the past, much like twenty-first-century technology holds our attention today—through suspense, surprise, and dramatic transformations.









Making Knowing: Craft in Art, 1950–2019

At the Whitney 
(Nov 22, 2019–Jan 2021) 

Making Knowing: Craft in Art, 1950–2019 foregrounds how visual artists have explored the materials, methods, and strategies of craft over the past seven decades. Some expand techniques with long histories, such as weaving, sewing, or pottery, while others experiment with textiles, thread, clay, beads, and glass, among other mediums. The traces of the artists’ hands-on engagement with their materials invite viewers to imagine how it might feel to make each work.While artists’ reasons for taking up craft range widely, many aim to subvert prevalent standards of so-called “fine art,” often in direct response to the politics of their time.






Rachel Harrison Life Hack

At the Whitney
(Oct 25, 2019–Jan 12, 2020)

Rachel Harrison’s (b. 1966) first full-scale survey will track the development of her career over the past twenty-five years, incorporating room-size installations, autonomous sculpture, photography, and drawing. Harrison's complex works—in which readymades collude with invented forms—bring together the breadth of art history, the impurities of politics, and the artifacts of pop and celebrity culture. The exhibition will include approximately one hundred works spanning the early 1990s to the present, drawn from private and public collections throughout the world. 








Artistic License: Six Takes on the Guggenheim Collection

At the Guggenheim

Thru January 12, 2020


In the Guggenheim’s first artist-curated exhibition, six contemporary artists explore the museum’s collection, each creating a distinct thematic presentation

Customized private tours of exhibitions, permanent collections, themed tours, art fairs, auction previews and all else art are always available throughout the year. Contact Nadja Hansen/Art Explorations here and we can design your unique experience together!

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