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"I wanted to personally thank you for an amazing tour you did for us at the Met this past Saturday. Your level of dedication, energy, knowledge, and fun was wonderful for both parents and kids."
                   Victoria Fishman, NYC

"Perfect guide, made me feel like I was actually there in ancient Egypt. Whatever we looked at she took us there."     

     Harrison Gresham

       Newcastle, Australia

"Captivating.Your exhilarating trajectory was a magical mystery tour of ancient worlds revealing luminous splendors, insights,
mysteries and historic delights. Like a galleon yielding treasured cargo from distant civilizations and citadels, you were a masterful navigator through timeless ports of call and homeric legends, sharing your vast knowledge, exuberant commentary and
staggering mastery of art."                                                                                                                                       Kelly Welles, New York

"I have been on museum highlights tours all over the world and this is the best one we have ever had." 
             Yuri Thompsky, London
"There was never a dull moment with Nadja as my tour guide. Being used to the history lecture-style tour given at many museums, it was refreshing to experience Nadja's engaging style. She knows her history inside-out of course, but she asks you questions and makes you think about each piece she shows you, and connect with it. Not to mention, her enthusiasm is contagious! If you're looking for a stimulating and fun tour, I'd definitely recommend going with Nadja!"                                
                                             Nivedh Patro                                                            Ottawa, Canada

"Usually my patience lasts for about 4 seconds. But Nadja's descriptions were so interesting that I looked at a painting of ballet dancers for ten minutes... and saw so many incredible details that I would have otherwise missed. Thanks for a great tour"  

                       Alex Lange                                      Cologne, Germany 

"I was in New York for 5 days and wanted to cramp in as much sight seeing as possible. Nadja's tour of the MET was an absolute blast and I dare say one of the highlights of my trip. It was efficient, fun, informative and left me with a enough energy to come back and explore on my own. What I thought was really different from the other tours I have been on was the light and comical interactions with the group about the works and what our impressions were of it. This created a feeling of being part of the surroundings and the works themselves, instead of a mere bystander in a museum. I liked the little tips and trivia about the MET, as well as sneaky bypasses to the gems of the collections. The conversation she started about the artist Balthus has really stayed with me and got me thinking about bigger issues. I'm starting a contemporary art course in a few weeks, will be doing both theory and painting myself and I will love to keep Nadja in the loop and get her opinions!"

                                         Lucia Sontseva, Rotterdam, Netherlands

"Nadja did an amazing job in making you feel all the art pieces we visited. She gave flexibility to the group's requests to see particular eras and genres. You almost felt the art and as if you knew the artist's thoughts from the ways she approaches it.  10 out of 10! 5 Stars! Thanks Nadja!"

              Raymond Garcia, California

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Thanks to Nadja Hansen's expert group tour of some of the highlights of the NY MET museum, I now can appreciate a work of art much better and in more depth than before. When coming upon one of the selected items of the tour, she first invited us to have a close observation of the piece and form our own impression of it, then she asked us by various questions what we saw and felt when looking and putting this experience into words and exchange views on it. And in this fashion she explained the essence of the piece of art to us and with us. Thus she created an active rapport between the work of art and the beholder. This is how I can easily remember the pieces. At any one time I can open my gembox of the MET and enjoy and admire each gem again. For gems they truly are.Thank you ever so much, Nadja.

Sylvie Laumans (64, organisational psychologist, The Netherlands

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