Special Seasonal Experiences

Every season I offer a few tours of special short-lived art experiences around the city. These can range from limited-time art fairs, exhibitions at museums I don't usually cover, or one day behind the scenes access to curators, designers and dealers. 

Autumn Experiences 





Christie's Old Masters Sale Exhibition Viewing

28 October

11am-12:30 pm and at 2-3:30 pm


I am offering private tours of the Christie's auction house Old Masters Sale exhibition. A rare and special opportunity to view works that may never be seen in public again. 

Sex and Death @ the Met Tour

October 25 and November 2

6:30pm- 7:45pm

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Open to Public/ $45.00 per person

What are the abiding threads that wind through millenniums of art, whether you’re in Reformation Rome or an ancient Assyrian palace? Sex and death. Let's see the different and surprisingly similar ways that cultures from India to Russia, China to France have dealt with the passion of sex and the inevitability of death. Explore how sex could be seen as bawdy or holy, dangerous or demure and death could be that fearsome reckoning or only the beginning of happiness. Looking at works that range from the flirtatious to the coy, the celebratory to the symbolic, the reflective to the sorrowful—we won’t be able to help re-evaluating these two endlessly questioned aspects of the human condition.

Notorious! @ the Met

October 26 and November 3

6:30pm - 7:45pm 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Open to Public/ $45.00 per person

From adultery to abandonment, tax evasion to murder – the vices of our times are much what they were a thousand years  ago. From the mythological lovers of ancient Greece to the femme fatales of 20th century Paris, the Met is rife with stories of corruption, intrigue, and boys (and girls) behaving badly! Lets crisscross the museum to find the good, the bad, and the ugly—those whose stories never die and whose visages continue to haunt the halls of the Met!

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