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Thoughtful Curation: A new work in an old space

While giving a tour of The Metropolitan Museum of Art this week, I noticed this new acquisition beautifully encased along the balcony. I was struck by how its swerving forms reflected and complimented the web of elegant arches in the rotunda, drawing your eye in each direction. It's whiteness and shadows against the faded symphony of whites and shadows in the architectural space around it made me look at the space more carefully. In fact the whole scene picked up a sea of whites and darks reaching back to the silhouettes of people against the neon glow of the display cases on the opposite side. Although it is a contemporary piece of abstract art, it recalled an ancient Greek sculpture of a kneeling goddess, which perfectly fit with the Greco-Roman design of the great entrance hall behind it. I am endlessly amazed by the thoughtful curation of works at the Met and love to share these, often overlooked, placements with my groups.

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